Cost per Print Programs

What is PagePack?-
PagePack from Fuji - Xerox is a simple, easy to manage Cost Per-Print Program that
enables a true solution to the customers printing needs. It consists of an all-inclusive service agreement in one simple monthly plan.

Key Benefits
Consistency - Fixed costs versus variable - whatever the coverage
Simplicity - Single point of contact for supplies and service
Ease of Use - Ordering and Invoices from single source
Reliability - Regular billing to effectively budget and manage printing costs
Peace of Mind - Complete visibility of total printing costs
Flexibility - Contracts can be customized for each customer


Compared to traditional agreements, PagePack is more responsive to your needs and simpler to administer.

Ad Hoc Purchasing

PagePack All-Inclusive Service Agreement

Irregular timing of costs

Regular payments

Costs are variable based on coverge

Predictable costs

Meters must be read manually

Meter reads are automatic

Budgeting is difficult

Predictable invoices allow for accurate budgeting

Multiple suppliers for service and supplies

Single supplier for service and supplies

"Capital Cost of holding supplies"

Order supplies as you need them

Unplanned purchase of toner and service

Visibility to true cost of printing

Penalised for high print coverage on documents

Rates are not affected by high toner coverage

High upfront costs

Simple payments allow lower upfront costs

Further Information

If you would like to know more about this program, please click here. Or call our office and speak to one of our service representatives.